15 Common HOA Covenants & What They Really Mean

1. Architectural Guidelines: Rules on the design and aesthetics of structures in the community.

2. Landscaping Requirements: Specifications for maintaining front yards, gardens, and common areas.

3. Exterior Paint Colors: Restrictions on the color palette of houses to maintain a cohesive look.

4. Noise Restrictions: Limits on loud activities during certain hours to ensure a peaceful environment.

5. Pet Regulations: Guidelines on pet ownership, including size, breed, and leash rules.

6. Rental Restrictions: Rules regarding leasing or renting out properties within the community.

7. Parking Rules: Regulations on where residents and guests can park to control congestion.

8. Home Business Restrictions: Limits on operating businesses from home to maintain a residential character.

9. Maintenance Responsibilities: Outlines tasks homeowners are responsible for to keep their property well-maintained.

10. Trash Disposal Guidelines: Rules on garbage collection, recycling, and proper disposal practices.

11. Fencing Restrictions: Specifications regarding the type and height of fences allowed on properties.

12. Satellite Dish Rules: Guidelines on the installation and placement of satellite dishes.

13. Holiday Decorations: Restrictions on the timing and type of holiday decorations allowed.

14. Access to Amenities: Specifies who can access community amenities and under what conditions.

15. Enforcement Procedures: Outlines the process and penalties for covenant violations.

Understanding these covenants helps maintain harmony in the community and ensures a pleasant living environment for all residents.

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