Seven Locations in Lekki & Ajah to reside

Popular burbs of Lagos, Nigeria, Lekki and Ajah are renowned for their close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and various amenities. Where one lives within these locations frequently relies on their lifestyle, tastes, and financial situation.

Lekki, located on the eastern side of Lagos, has evolved into a vibrant and upscale residential and commercial hub. This area is home to an array of gated communities, high-end shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and top-notch restaurants. With its well-paved roads, beautiful landscaping, and access to modern amenities, Lekki provides a comfortable and convenient living experience for its residents.

Among the notable neighborhoods in Lekki is Lekki Phase 1, which is popular among professionals and expatriates due to its proximity to Victoria Island and its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Lekki Phase 1 offers a range of housing options, from luxurious apartments and townhouses to spacious villas, ensuring there is something to suit every preference and budget.

Moving further south from Lekki, we come to Ajah, a rapidly developing suburb that offers a more affordable option for living while still enjoying proximity to Lekki and its amenities. Ajah is known for its lively markets, bustling commercial areas, and a wide range of housing options. It is particularly popular among middle-class families and young professionals looking for affordable yet comfortable accommodation.

Many gated estates can be found in Ajah, such as Thomas Estate, Abraham Adesanya Estate, and Royal Gardens Estate. These estates provide residents with a sense of community, security, and access to amenities such as recreational facilities, schools, and supermarkets. Additionally, Ajah is well-connected to other parts of Lagos, making it convenient for residents to commute to work or explore different areas of the city.

Both Lekki and Ajah offer attractive options for living in Lagos, Nigeria. While Lekki caters to those seeking a more upscale and luxurious lifestyle, Ajah provides a more affordable yet vibrant environment. Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Lekki Phase 1 or the bustling markets of Ajah, both areas have something to offer for residents with various lifestyles and preferences.

  • Lekki Phase 1: One of the poshest neighbourhoods in the Lekki area is called Lekki Phase 1. It provides a range of luxurious residences, apartments, and commercial buildings. The region is well-planned, with strong road networks, retail establishments, dining options, and leisure amenities.
  • Ikate-Elegushi: This neighbourhood is well-known for its opulent mansions and apartment buildings. It contains a mix of residential and business developments and is near to Lekki Phase 1. Young professionals and expats both enjoy it.
  • Chevron Drive: There are a number of gated estates and residential neighbourhoods along Chevron Drive. It is renowned for its safety and calm atmosphere. Additionally, commercial malls like the Chevron Commercial Mall are nearby.
  • Ajah: Ajah is a thriving community with a variety of housing alternatives, including budget-friendly apartments and mid-range and opulent estates. For those looking for a more affordable option with access to facilities, it’s a nice option.
  • Abraham Adesunya Estate: Apartments and duplexes are available in the gated Abraham Adesanya Estate, which is situated in Ajah. It’s a neighbourhood that welcomes families, and there are nearby retail malls, parks, and schools.
  • Ajah-Addo Road: The Ajah-Addo Road has undergone tremendous development, including a number of gated communities and housing estates. A selection of affordable and midrange housing alternatives are available.
  • Ibeju-Lekki: Located on the Lekki Peninsula farther east, this region is renowned for its expansion as a result of ongoing industrial and infrastructure developments. A variety of housing choices, including those suited to investors, are provided.
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